Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
The slamming of the door, your hurtful words echoing in my ears and my rough throat chafing from screaming matches that last for hours. The tightness in my chest as we both turn into monsters we don’t recognize. Your tears that I ignore because I am still seeing red everywhere.…

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This Is Who You Are

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
You have never been nothing. You are a body made up of unique DNA and cells that have multiplied into organs and tissues and skin and bones and a system that tries its best to protect you from influences that harm. You are the product of a long line of…

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Isn’t that a snake?!

  Have you ever heard of the “python”? No. Not the snake okay. Python is a programming language designed to communicate task in a machine. x=1 while x!=0: pangalan= input (“what is your name?”) taon= int(input(“year of your birth:”)) tangkad= float(input(“height(in cm):”)) bigat= float(input(“weight(in kg):”)) edad= 2014-taon bmi= bigat/((tangkad/100)**2) print(“\nhola”, pangalan, “!”) #\n print(“you are”, […]

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Dealing with Mazes

Have you ever felt so lost while doing something? Have you thought of giving up, while in the middle of doing something so important? This always happens to me. I am easily distracted by things, and when I say things, that means everything. I have the attention span of a kid. I always zone out. […]

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