When 1+1 becomes 0… Ugh

Today I learned about binary arithmetic, of how simple addition and subtraction of binary numbers can scare the hell out of me. Just because it has only two digits, it does not mean that it is easy to understand and compute. Just because it has only two operations which are addition and subtraction, it does […]

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Bit by Bit

For me the simplest form of things can be equated to its beauty. Every part of it contributes to its whole and general make-up. Something might look too simple in one’s perspective, but for someone who appreciates it, the complexity and beauty of that is limitless. Today, I learned about the different data representation, of […]

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Poems and Wiring Cables

You always came like a speeding bullet Things you do, things that we’ll never forget We might always be opposites, like yin and yang But when you came that’s when the birds sang That’s the poem that has been stuck in my head since yesterday. I don’t know when or why writing poems had been […]

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