Dealing with Mazes

Have you ever felt so lost while doing something? Have you thought of giving up, while in the middle of doing something so important?

This always happens to me. I am easily distracted by things, and when I say things, that means everything. I have the attention span of a kid. I always zone out. Concentration is always a challenge for me.

I always tend to start things, but would not finish them. If i can’t figure out something, I will simply abandon it, and jump to another task. This is how I often deal with things. Puzzles and mazes never fascinated me, especially those that are run by computer programs. But this is a challenge I am willing to accept. Run. Restart. That’s what happened while I was trying to solve the maze. It was really tricky. I was able to go up until level nine, but yeah, time run out. I did not finish mine.

There is another set of maze!

It turned out that the first maze was just for bonus point. The following set has 20 items, definitely easier than the first one. I was in item number six when the website crashed suddenly. Sad to say we were not able to finish our activity because of this. But still I was able to concentrate to do the mazes, it was an achievement though!

This means that if I try really hard, and focus on what I am doing, distractions will mean nothing once I’m up there in my “concentration stage”. Dealing with these mazes, may not be fun with me, but still I tried and solved some of them.


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