Largest Chromosome number of Ophioglossum

Oh Bot 11!!


I went through one picture posted randomly by someone in a social network and I found it very interesting to grab some more information about it. Human has 46 number of chromosome and you would be surprised to know about Ophioglossum, which has the highest chromosome count of any known living organism, with 1,260 chromosomes. This fern has roughly 630 pairs of chromosomes or 1260 chromosomes per cell. The fact that these cells can accurately segregate these enormous numbers of chromosomes during mitosis is truly remarkable.

O. vulgatum O. vulgatum

Ophioglossum, which is known as adder’s-tongue and is under the family of Ophioglossum, found variedly in tropical and subtropical distribution. The name “adder’s toungue” is quite significant due to the spore bearing stalk resembles like that of snake’s tongue.

The chromosome is one of the threadlike packages of genes and other DNA in the nucleus of cells. The numbers of chromosomes…

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